October 25, 2008

Coimbra and around

I'll never make a good blogger! I just forget to keep up to date. I've had the four nights in Coimbra I mentioned earlier and it was great. I'll try to remember to put up a bit about it - but don't hold your breath!
I must have spent the equivalent of about two days in the city - and ideally at least another half was needed.
As for the area around I had three tirps out and I should have liked a lot more.

July 15, 2008

Much wanted change

Monday had its mist and rain but, in general, the visibility was good and we were taken on a spectacular mountain drive between Eiði and Gdovk - on the island of Eysturoy. We then went to other spectacular spots on the island - and a shop that sells really expensive woollies - looking was good!

July 13, 2008

Oh dear - unwanted change

Of views no more; of mist masses; of rain far too much. Yes, I do kmow it could have been like this for our whole visit but when was something like that ever a consolation?
We have made the best of it. A restful morning followed by visits to the national museum and the art gallery. For such a smal population, the Færoes seems to have found more than its share of great artists.
However we only have three days left and much that requires good visibility. Fortunately hope is free.

Northern Isles

OK, I do realise that all the Færoes are in the north - but some are nore northern than others and this group of islands give scenery as striking as anywhere. We went through numerous tunnels and over a bridge over the Atlantic and a causeway to reach Vidareidi, which is far from Torshavn as you can get without using a ferry.

On the way back we did havee a ferry trip as passengers through the dramatic scenery of several islands.

July 11, 2008

Fabulous boat trip

Today, after some photography in Torshavn and some necessary shopping, we took a two hour boat trip from Vestmanna on Stremsoy to see bird cliffs and coastal scenery. Wow, wow and more wow! In and out of caves, around terrific sea stacks and straight through a natural arch. The scenery was even more spectacular than the bird life though that alone would have justified the trip.

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