Slow Travel Classifieds - Customer Feedback

We have been hearing great things about our classifieds from our customers! We are collecting their feedback and will post it on this page.

"I would like to express my utmost satisfaction with the Slow Travel Classifieds Listings. We have met and served very nice clients through our classified. Thank you and great job!"
Viaggio Sereno Car Service, Milan
Classified Listing 2124 , advertiser since December 2006

"Slow Travel is the best advertising investment I ever made!"
Vivian Kramer, Custom Tours in Tuscany
Classified Listing 1268, Classified Listing 1779, advertiser since February 2004

"Personally we are very happy to be part of Slow Travel and we have many guests from the Slow Travel Community. When they write that they heard about us on Slow Travel, we welcome them as members of our big family around the world."
Assuntina, Fontana del Papa, Lazio
Classified Listing 1599, advertiser since February 2005

"I hear from several potential clients each month thanks to my Slow Travel classified ad!"
Sally Watkins, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor)
Classified Listing 1252, advertiser since December 2003

"I think your service is great and I'm also a big user of the Slow Travel site in general. I am getting a good amount of clickthrus from my Slow Travel classified and reviews to my website. You're giving a great service to travelers and sponsors."
Guglielmo Parasporo, Roman Reference
Classified Listing 1788, advertiser since June 2005

"I truly think that the payment you ask for your service is more than worth the amount - each guest who comes to me pays it over again several times, and most of my guests have come through your site. I have stressed this to my friends/subscribers, some of whom have paid thousands for their websites, and hundreds to other listings sites, without the results that Slow Travel has delivered!"
Toni Hilton, A Casa in Monferrato
Classified Listing 1756, advertiser since June 2005

Article in the Sunday Times (London, England), "A Touch of Class", Sunday February 5, 2006 by Rosie Millard. "To succeed in France, go for upmarket rentals".

"'We have just bought a 68sq m apartment in Nice for 137,000,' says Matt Roberts, who lives in Manchester. 'We rent it through and, an American site, and think we will fill it for 30 weeks a year.' Rates? 310 a week in the winter, 480 in summer." Read the article online
Matthew and Gayle Roberts, who have a classified for their apartment in Nice, were interviewed for this article.
Classified Listing 1948, advertiser since November 2005

Contact us with your feedback. We want to hear from you.

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