Reasons to Post a Classified on Slow Travel

There are many reasons to post a classified on Slow Travel.

  • Slow Travel is a community of people who travel frequently.
    They are the audience you will reach. The website has many community features that keeps people coming back: popular message board, trip reports publisher, members photo gallery, reviews for hotels, restaurants and vacation rentals, many pages of travel information. People use the Slow Travel website to plan and book their trips.
  • The Slow Travel website is full of travel information.
    There are 20,000+ pages on the website. This includes 3,600+ vacation rental reviews, 2,200+ hotel reviews, 3,400+ restaurant reviews, 700+ trip reports/travel journals. New reviews, trip reports and content pages are added every week.
  • Slow Travel is a popular website.
    A lot of people are using the site every day. We average over a million page views a month with about 600,000 - 800,000 visitors per month.
  • The Slow Travel forums are popular and well used.
    We have a popular and active travel forums. Statistics for our forums:
    15,000+ registered members, averaging about 9,000 visits a day.
  • Slow Travel is highly ranked on the search engines.
    Slow Travel ranks high in searches for vacation rental and travel information. The home page, each country home page and the Classifieds home page are ranked at 5/10. The Classified Listings are indexed by the search engines. When your website is linked to from Slow Travel, it increases your prominence in the search engines. But do not get a classified listing just to increase your Google rank - get it so that people coming to Slow Travel to plan their trips will find your listing and visit your website.
  • The Slow Travel website has been recommended by Time Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure, the New York Times, Money Magazine, CNN/Money Online.
    See our Media Scrapbook for our clippings.
  • The Slow Travel Classifieds are competitively priced.
    For most businesses, one booking resulting from your Slow Travel Classified pays for the listing for a year.
  • The Slow Travel website promotes the Classifieds.
    We link to the Classifieds from many places on the site and forums. There are links to the classifieds from the listings and reviews sections on the web site, in the header and footer of every page, and on the message board header.

The Slow Travel Classifieds started in December 2003. In our first year, we received more than 250 listings. Many of the businesses listed have written to tell me that they have had many bookings from their Slow Travel classified. Some businesses that do not want the added expense of maintaining their own website, use their Slow Travel listing as their presence on the Internet.

We hope you will agree with them and the reasons above and place a Classified Listing on Slow Travel. We look forward to your business. Read our Customer Feedback.

Classifieds Features

  • List your vacation rental, hotel or travel service with a full page listing, up to 5000 words and 3 images (6 images for GOLD listings). Our software makes it easy to create and format your listing. You can work on it over time - you decide when it is ready to go on the website.
  • Optional GOLD priority puts you in the top section of the list, with the other GOLD listings, and gives you 6 photos. Listings for each category are sorted by date, with the oldest listings first, so the sooner you take out a listing, the closer to the top of the list you are. Gold listings also give you access to the Special Offers, which are displayed (in rotation) on the main classifieds page and on the appropriate subcategory page.
  • If you do not want to spend the time creating and formatting your listing, we will do that for you for an extra one time charge of $100.
  • Once you place a listing in our Classifieds, you are automatically listed on the relevant content pages of our site. For example, if you have a vacation rental in Tuscany, your information will also appear on this page:
  • Modify your listing whenever you like. Change your text to announce seasonal specials, change your photos for variety.
  • Easy payment by check or bank wire, or use your credit card or PayPal account. You will be notified by email when it is time to renew your listing.

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