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Books Set in Venice - My Book List

Sharon Zukowski (SharonZ)

This list is a fairly good representation of books about, or set in, Venice. It includes books on Venice's history, art, architecture, and environment. Cookbooks, novels, plays, essays, maps, and more guidebooks can also be found in this list. More important, to me, this is my Venice library.

This list grew out of my obsession with Venice. Like many obsessions, this one started innocently: I purchased a guidebook to plan my first trip to Venice. Before my second trip, I purchased another book. Then another and another and another. Guidebooks eventually gave way to books about Venice's history, art, and architecture. Acqua Alta, by Donna Leon, set me off to collect novels set in Venice. Soon, I was buying any "Venice book" I came across. It didn't take long for me to start buying books that I already had in my bookcase.

The collection had gotten out of control! Alphabetizing the books didn't work; I was still buying doubles. The only solution was software. By running a scanner over a book's bar code, the title, author and much more information is automatically entered into my database. Now when I go shopping, I have a list with me.

If you want to find some books about Venice, I hope this list will help.

Note: Sharon updates this list on Library Thing.

Adler, Elizabeth
Summer in Tuscany, St. Martin's Paperbacks, June 16, 2003, Literature & Fiction: General: Contemporary, 0-312-98937-7

Alison, Jane
The Marriage of the Sea, Picador, March 2004, Fiction, 0-312-42255-5

Alloway Lawrence
The Venice Biennale 1895-1968 from Salon to Goldfish Bowl, New York, New York Graphic Society, 1968

Anderson, Burton
Wines of Italy, London, Mitchell Beazley, July 1, 2000, Cooking: Food & Wine, 1-84000-251-4

Andrieus, Maurice
Daily Life in Venice at the Time of Casanova, New York, Praeger Publishers, 1972

Astesani, Luciano
Illustrated Guide to Venice and Its Neighborhoods

Bantock, Nick
The Venetian's Wife: A Strangely Sensual Tale of a Renaissance Explorer, a Computer, and a Metamorphosis, San Francisco Chronicle Books, October 1, 1996, Literature & Fiction, 0-8118-1140-9

Barbaro, Paolo
Venice Revealed: An Intimate Portrait, South Royalton, VT, September 18, 2001 Travel: General: Essays & Travelogues, 1-58642-030-5

Barbier, Patrick
Vivaldi's Venice, Souvenir Press, October 1, 2003, Music: History & Criticism, 0-285-63670-7

Berent, John
The City of Falling Angels, The Penguin Press, October 2005, Venice: Description and Travel, Social Life and Customs, 1-59420-058-0

Biucchi, Edwina
Venice: An Architectural Guide, B.T. Batsford, September 30, 2002, Art, Architecture & Photography, 0-7134-8781-X

Boccato, Alessandra
Churches of Venice, Venezia Arsenale; 1st e July 1, 1999, Architecture: General, 8877432012

Bonfante-Warren, Alexandra
Venice (Timeless Places), New York Friedman/Fairfax Publishing, June 1, 2000, History: General, 1-56799-788-0

Booth, J.
Vivaldi (Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers), New York Omnibus Press, June 1, 1989 Biographies & Memoirs, 0-7119-1727-2

Boulton, Susie
Eyewitness Travel Guide to Venice and the Veneto, New York, Dorling Kindersley, January 1, 1997, Travel: Guidebook, 1-56458-861-0

Boulton, Susie
Insight Pocket Guide Venice, Langenscheidt Pub, January 1, 1998, Travel: Guidebooks, 0-88729-947-4

Brandreth, Gyles
Venice Midnight, Time Warner, October 7, 1999, Modern Fiction, 0-7515-2658-4

Brodkey, Harold
My Venice, New York, Metropolitan Books, May 1, 1998, Literature & Fiction, 0-8050-4833-2

Brodsky, Joseph
Watermark, Farrar Straus, NY, July 1, 1993, Essays & Travelogues, 0-374-52382-7

Brown, Patricia
Private Lives in Renaissance Venice: Art, Architecture, and the Family, New Haven, Yale University Press, July, 2004, Art History, 0-300-10236-4

Brown, Patricia Fortini
Venice & Antiquity: The Venetian Sense of the Past, New Haven, Yale University Press, March 1, 1997 Arts & Photography, Art History: Renaissance, 0-300-06700-3

Buckley, Jonathan
Venice Directions, Rough Guides, Travel: Guidebooks, 1-84353-353-7

Bull George
Venice: The Most Triumphant City, London, The Folio Society, 1980

Cahill, Susan Neunzig
Desiring Italy, New York, Ballantine Books, April 1, 1997, Essays & Travelogues, 0-449-91080-6

Canning, Victor
Venetian Bird, New Portway Large Print Book, Chivers Press, 1985, 0-85119-310-2

Casanova, Giacomo
The Story of My Life, New York, Penguin Books, May 1, 2001, Literature & Fiction, 0-14-043915-3

Cipriani, Harry
Harry's Bar Cookbook, New York, Bantam, October 1, 1991, Cooking, Food & Wine, 0-553-07030-4

Collins, Wilkie
The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice, Dover Publications, June 1, 1982, Literature & Fiction, 0-486-24333-8

Cook Publishing, Thomas
Time for Food: Venice, Thomas Cook, April 2001, Travel: Food, 1-84157-092-3

Cowan, James
Mapmaker's Dream, Boston, MA, Shambhala, October 8, 1996, Literature & Fiction: Historical, 1-57062-196-9

Crouzet-Pavan, Elisabeth
Venice Triumphant: The Horizons of a Myth, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, October 1, 2002, History, 0-8018-6958-7

Davies, Frederick
Snow in Venice, New York, Lorevan Publishing, 1985, 0-931773-33-4

Davis, Robert C.
Venice, the Tourist Maze, Berkeley University of California Press, May 2004, Travel, 0-520-24120-7

De Blasi, Marlena
A Thousand Days in Venice: An Unexpected Romance, Chapel Hill, NC, Algonquin Books, June 1, 2002, Biographies & Memoirs, 1-56512-321-2

Di Robilant, Andrea
A Venetian Affair, New York, Knopf, September 23, 2003, Literature & Fiction, 0-375-41181-X

Dibdin, Michael
Dead Lagoon: An Aurelio Zen Mystery, Vintage Books, USA, January 1, 1996, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-679-75311-7

Doty, Mark
Seeing Venice: Bellotto's Grand Canal, Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Trust Publications, October 1, 2002, Art History, 0-89236-658-3

Edenbaum, Ruth/Shannon Essa
Chow Venice: Savoring the Food and Wine of La Serenissima, San Francisco, CA, Wine Appreciation Guild, July 2003 Travel: Dining, 1-891267-60-4

Facaros, Dana
Venice, Cadogan Guide, April 1, 2003, Travel: Guidebook, 1-86011-822-4

Fant, Maureen B.
Trattorias of Rome, Florence, and Venice, New York, Ecco, May 1, 2001, Travel: Dining, 0-06-095687-9

Fasolo, Jacopo
Another Venice, Arsenale, September 1, 2000, Architecture: General, 8877432160

Fei Alberto Toso
Venetian Legends And Ghost Stories, A Guide to Places of Mystery in Venice, Treviso, Italy, Editrice Elzevior, 2002, 8887528063

Fisher, Teresa
Must-See Venice, Thomas Cook Publishing, November 1, 2000, Travel, 1-84157-075-3

Flower, Raymond
Culture Shock!, Graphic Arts Center Publishing, January 1, 2003, Travel: Guidebook Series, 1-55868-649-5

Franck, Frederick
Seeing Venice: An Eye in Love : An Inner Travelogue With 94 Drawings, New Paltz, NY, Codhill Press, July 1, 2002, Arts & Photography, 1-930337-04-3

Franzoi, Umberto
The Grand Canal, New York, Rizzoli Pub., August 1, 1997, Architecture, 0-86565-148-5

Fullman Joe
Venice Inside Out, Popout map - Compass Maps 2002

Funke, Cornelia
The Thief Lord, October 1, 2003, Teens: Literature & Fiction: Adventure & Thrillers, 0-439-42089-X

Garrett, Martin
Venice: A Cultural and Literary Companion (Cities of the Imagination Series), New York, Interlink Publishing Group, March 1, 2001, Travel, 1-56656-369-0

Gash, Jonathan
The Gondola Scam, New York, Penguin USA, March 1, 1985, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-14-007656-5

Gilbert, Felix
The Pope, His Banker, and Venice, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, December 1980, History, 0-674-68975-5

Giono, Jean
An Italian Journey, Marlboro Press, March 1, 2001, Literature & Fiction: History & Criticism, 0-8101-6028-5

Memoirs of an Italian Terrorist, New York, Carroll & Graf, January 22, 2003, Nonfiction: Politics, 0-7867-1134-5

Girardi, Robert
Vaporetto 13: A Novel, New York, Bantam Dell, October 1, 1997, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-385-31938-X

Grundy, Milton
Venice: An Anthology Guide, Trafalgar Square, September 1, 1999, Travel, 1-900357-13-5

Guides, Knopf
Venice (Citymap Guide), New York, Knopf; April 10, 2001, Reference: Atlases & Maps, 0-375-70949-5

Gusman Pierre
Venise (in French), Paris, Librairie Renouard, 1902

A Great Weekend In Venice, Sterling Publishing, October 2000, Travel, 1-84202-018-8

Harrison, Barbara Grizzuti
Italian Days, Atlantic Monthly Press, October 1, 1998, Essays & Travelogues, 0-87113-727-5

Hartley, L. P.
Simonetta Perkins, Hesperus Press, June 1, 2004, Literature & Fiction, 1-84391-091-8

Heller, Karl
Antonio Vivaldi: The Red Priest of Venice, Portland, OR, Amadeus Press, April 1, 1997, Music: Composers, 1-57467-015-8

Hemingway, Ernest
Across the River and Into the Trees, Scribner Paper, October 1, 1985, Literature & Fiction, 0-684-18496-6

Hewson, David
Lucifer's Shadow, NY, HarperCollins, December 3, 2001, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-00-651015-9

Highsmith, Patricia
The Talented Mr. Ripley, New York, Vintage Books, September 1, 1992, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-679-74229-8

Highsmith, Patricia
Those Who Walk Away, New York, Atlantic Monthly Press, October 1, 1988, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-87113-259-1

Honour, Hugh
The Companion Guide to Venice, Companion Guide, July 2001, Travel: Guidebooks, 1-900639-24-6

Howard, Deborah
The Architectural History of Venice, New Haven, Yale University Press, May 10, 2004, Architecture, 0-300-09029-3

Howells, William Dean
Venetian Life, Evanston, IL, Northwestern University Press, February 1, 2001, Literature & Fiction: Classics, 0-8101-6085-4

Hutton, Edward
Venice and Venetia, England, Hollis & Carter, 1954

James, Henry
The Turn of the Screw, the Aspern Papers, and Two Stories, New York, Barnes & Noble Books, August 2003, Literature & Fiction: Classics, 1-59308-043-3

James, Henry
The Wings of the Dove, Everyman's Library, May 1, 1997, Literature & Fiction: Classics, 0-460-87617-1

Jepson Tim
Citypack Venice - New York, Fodor's, 1999, Maps, 0-679-00447-5

Jong, Erica
Serenissima: A Novel of Venice, Boston, Houghton Mifflin, April 1, 1987, Literature & Fiction, 0-395-42922-6

Kahn, Robert
City Secrets: Florence, Venice, and the Towns of Italy, New York, Little Bookroom, June 9, 2001, Travel: General, 1-892145-01-4

Kaminski, Marion
Venice: Art & Architecture, Konemann, August 1, 2000, Architecture, 3-8290-2667-6

Kanon, Joseph
Alibi : A Novel, New York, Henry Holt, April 12, 2005, Literature & Fiction: Genre Fiction, 0-8050-7886-X

Keahey, John
Venice Against the Sea: A City Besieged, New York, Thomas Dunne, March 20, 2002, Nonfiction: Current Events, 0-312-26594-8

Kerper, Barrie
Venice: The Collected Traveler: An Inspired Anthology and Travel Resource, New York, Three Rivers, July 30, 2002, Travel, 0-609-80858-3

King, Ross
Domino, Penguin USA, December 30, 2003, Literature & Fiction, 0-14-200336-0, A Knopf Publishing, Alfred

Knopf Guide Venice, New York, Alfred A. Knopf; October 1, 1993, Travel: Guidebook Series, 0-679-74918-7

Lamb, Charlotte
Deep and Silent Waters, Trafalgar Square, December 1, 2002, Literature & Fiction, 0-340-71283-X

Landon, H. C. Robbins
Vivaldi: Voice of the Baroque, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, July 1, 1996, Music: Composers, 0-226-46842-9

Langton, Jane
The Thief of Venice: A Homer Kelly Mystery, New York, Penguin USA, June 1, 1999, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-670-88210-0

Latja, Hans
Insight Compact Guide: Venice, London, Insight Guides, April 1, 2003, Travel: Guidebook Series, 9812349324

Lauritzen, Peter
Venice Preserved, Adler & Adler, 1986, 0-917561-17-1

Laven, Mary
Virgins of Venice: Broken Vows and Cloistered Lives in the Renaissance Convent, New York, Viking Books, March 10, 2003, Religion & Spirituality: Christian Living, 0-670-03183-6

Leon, Donna
Venetian Reckoning (Death & Judgement), Pan, 1996, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-330-34416-1

Leon, Donna
Wilful Behaviour, Heinemann, March 28, 2002, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-434-00994-6

Leon, Donna
A Noble Radiance, New York, Penguin Books, August 26, 2003, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-14-200319-0

Leon, Donna
Acqua Alta, Pan Books Ltd, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-330-34626-1

Leon, Donna
Anonymous Venetian (Dressed for Death) - Pan, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-330-34412-9

Leon, Donna
Blood from a Stone, New York, Atlantic Monthly Press, April 10, 2005, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-87113-887-5

Leon, Donna
Death At La Fenice, HarperTorch, January 1, 1995, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-06-104337-0

Leon, Donna
Death in a Strange Country, New York, Penguin Books, January 4, 2005, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-14-303482-0

Leon, Donna
Death of Faith (Quietly in Their Sleep), Pan Books, 1998, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-330-34949-X

Leon, Donna
Doctored Evidence, New York, Carroll & Graf, April 2004, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-87113-918-9

Leon, Donna
Fatal Remedies, Arrow, 2000, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-09-926930-9

Leon, Donna
Friends in High Places, Wiliam Heinemann, April 6, 2000, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-434-00421-9

Leon, Donna
Sea of Trouble, Wiliam Heinemann, March 21, 2001, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-434-00974-1

Leon, Donna
Uniform Justice, Wiliam Heinemann, March 6, 2003, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, 0-434-00795-1

Links, J. G.
Venice for Pleasure, Pallas Athene, April 1, 2001, Travel: General, 1-873429-40-1

Littlewood, Ian
A Literary Companion to Venice, New York, St. Martin's Press, May 1, 1995, Literature & Fiction, 0-312-13113-5

Lovric, Michelle R.
The Floating Book, New York, HarperCollins, January 2004, Fiction, 0-06-057856-4

Macdonald, Margaret F.
Palaces in the Night: Whistler in Venice, Berkeley University of California Press, June 4, 2001, Art History, 0-520-23049-3

MacInnes, Helen
The Venetian Affair, NY, Harcourt, Brace, 1963

Mann, Thomas

Death in Venice and Other Stories, Bantam, Reissue October 1, 1988, Literature & Fiction, 0-553-21333-4

Maps, Streetwise
Streetwise Venice, Amagansett, NY, Streetwise Maps, January 1, 1998, Reference: Atlases & Maps, 0-935039-78-3

Marling, William E.
The Marling Menu-Master for Italy: A Comprehensive Manual for Translating the Italian Menu into American-English, Altarinda Books, July 1, 1971, Reference: Dictionaries & Thesauruses, 0-912818-02-6

Marqusee, Michael
Venice: An Illustrated Anthology, New York, HarperCollins, October 1, 1989, History, 0-88162-386-5

Martin, Damiano
The Da Fiore Cookbook: Recipes from Venice's Best Restaurant, New York, Morrow, November 4, 2003, Cooking, Food & Wine, 0-06-009071-5

McCarthy, Mary
Venice Observed, Harvest Books, September 25, 1963, Travel: General, 0-15-693521-X

Morris, Jan
A Venetian Bestiary, New York, Thames and Hudson, 1982, Venice: Social life and customs, 0-500-23354-3

Morris, Jan
The Venetian Empire: A Sea Voyage, NY, Penguin, June 1, 1990, Essays & Travelogues, 0-14-011994-9

Morris, Jan
The World of Venice: Revised Edition, San Diego, Harvest Books, May 1, 1995, History, 0-15-698356-7

Morris, Jan
Venice, Faber and Faber Ltd, 1974, Travel, 0-571-16897-3

No Author
Time Out Guide: Venice, Penguin Books, June 1, 2001, Travel: General, 0-14-029391-4

Norwich, John Julius
A History of Venice, New York, Vintage, June 18, 1989, History, 0-679-72197-5

Norwich, John Julius
A Traveller's Companion to Venice, Interlink Books, August 1, 2002, Travel, 1-56656-465-4

Norwich, John Julius
Paradise of Cities, New York, Doubleday, October 2003, Venice: 19th century, 0-385-50904-9

Oelerich, Jeanne
Venice Walking Guide: Where to Go, Where to Eat, What to Do (Just Marvelous Walking Tours), Just Marvelous; 2nd March 1, 1998, Travel: Guidebook Series, 1-882546-13-X

Oliphant, Mrs.
Makers of Venice, The Aldine Publishing Company, Travel Essays

Onofri, Francesca Romana
Italian for Dummies (With CD-ROM), Indianapolis, IN, For Dummies Books, May 15, 2000, Reference: Dictionaries & Thesauruses, 0-7645-5196-5

Pattorusso, G.
Venice, The Queen of the Adriatic, Florence, Italy, Alfani & Venturi, 1930

Pears, Iain
The Titian Committee, Berkley Publishing, May 1, 1999, Mystery & Thrillers: Art History, 0-425-16895-6

Pemble, John
Venice Rediscovered, Oxford, Oxford University Press, March 1, 1995, History: General, 0-19-820501-5

Phillips Caryl
The Nature of Blood, London, Faber and Faber, 1997, Fiction, 0-571-19305-6

Pocock, Tom
Essential Venice, NY, McGraw-Hill, February 1, 1995, Travel: Guidebook Series, 0-8442-8949-3

Porter, Darwin
Frommer's Portable Venice, Frommer's, March 1, 2001, Travel: Guidebook Series, 0-7645-6342-4

Porter, Darwin
Frommer's Portable Venice, NY, Frommer's, March 14, 2005, Travel: Guidebook Series, 0-7645-7456-6

Powers, Alice Leccese
Italy in Mind: An Anthology, New York, Vintage Books, May 1, 1997, Nonfiction: Politics, 0-679-77023-2

Price, Gillian
Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide to Venice, London/New York, DK Publishing, February 1, 2002, Travel: Guidebook Series, 0-7894-8353-X

Quill, Sarah
Ruskin's Venice, Ashegate Publishing, October 2003, Art & Architecture, 0-85331-895-6

Reato, Danilo
Venice: Past and Present, NY, Barnes & Noble Books, June 2001, Venice: Social life and customs, 0-7607-2702-3

Redford, Bruce
Venice & the Grand Tour, New Haven, Yale University Press, November 1, 1996, Art History, 0-300-06911-1

Riviere, William
By the Grand Canal, Grove Press, 2004, Literature & Fiction, 0-8021-1793-7

Robinson, Mark
Timeless Venice: Discovering Today's City in a Map 500 Years Old, Pallas Athene Publishers, January 1, 2004, History, 1-873429-98-3

Rockwood, Caragh
Fodor's Venice and the Veneto, Fodor's Travel Publications, March 14, 2000, Travel, 0-679-00456-4

Rosenthal, Margaret F.
The Honest Courtesan: Veronica Franco, Citizen and Writer in Sixteenth-Century Venice, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, January 1, 1993, Women's Studies, 0-226-72812-9

Rowdon, Maurice
The Silver Age of Venice, Praeger 1970, History

Roy, Sally
Venice, AA Spiral Guides, AA Publishing, September 30, 2001, Travel: Guidebooks, 0-7495-3082-0

Rylands, Jane Turner
Venetian Stories, New York, Pantheon, May 6, 2003, Literature & Fiction: Short Stories, 0-375-42232-3

Scanney, Huck
Venice Sketchbook, Impressions, Seasons, Encounters & Pigeons, Milan, Italy, Mpmfdadori Electre S.p.A., June 2002, Travel Essays and Drawings, 8843581821

Scibilia, Michela
A Guide to the Eateries of Venice (Venezia Osterie & Dintorni), Venice, Vianelo Libri, 2002, Dining Guide, 8872001234

Shakespeare, William
Merchant of Venice, NY, Washington Square Press, August 1, 1992, Literature & Fiction, 0-671-72277-8

Sharp, Lisa Gerard
Insight Guide Venice, Insight Guide, July 1, 1998, Travel: Guidebook Series, 0-88729-487-1

Silva, Daniel
Prince of Fire, New York, Putnam, February 22, 2005, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-399-15243-1

Silva, Daniel
The Confessor, New York, Signet, February 24, 2004, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-451-21148-0

Simonis, Damien
Lonely Planet Venice, Lonely Planet Publications, March 1, 2000, Travel: Guidebook Series, 0-86442-786-7

Simonis, Damien
Lonely Planet Venice-Condensed, Lonely Planet Publications, June 1, 2002, Travel: Guidebook Series, 1-74059-317-0

Sklepowich, Edward
Deadly to the Sight: A Mystery of Venice, New York, Thomas Dunne Books, January 1, 2002, Mystery & Thrillers, 0-312-26955-2

Sparks, Muriel
Territorial Rights, Wideview/Perigee Books, Putnam, 1984, 0-399-50930-5

Spector, Sally
Venice and Food, Italy, Arsenale, August 1, 1998, History: Food & Wine, 8877431733

Steves, Rick
Rick Steves' Venice 2002, NY, Avalon Travel Publishing, April 9, 2002, Travel: Guidebook, 1-56691-442-6

Tihany, Adam D.
Venetian Taste, Artabras Publishers, January 1, 1997, Cooking, Food & Wine, 0-89660-085-8

Toibin, Colm
The Master, New York, Simon & Schuster, June 2004, Fiction, 0-7432-5040-0

Turra, Elisabetta Caminer
Selected Writings of an Eighteenth-Century Venetian Woman of Letters, Chicago Press, November 1, 2003, Literature & Fiction, 0-226-81768-7

Twain, Mark
The Innocents Abroad or, The New Pilgrims' Progress, New York, Modern Library, February 11, 2003, Essays & Travelogues, 0-8129-6705-4

Veronelli, Luigi
The Food of Venice: Authentic Recipes from the City of Romance, Boston, MA, Periplus Editions, March 1, 2001, Cooking, Food & Wine, 9625935045

Vickers, Salley
Miss Garnet's Angel, London, HarperCollins, 2000, Fiction, 0-00-651421-9

Vidal, Gore
Vidal in Venice, Italy, Summit Books, Simon & Schuster, 1987, 0-671-64536-6

Vitoux, Frederic
Living In Venice, Flammarion, September 28, 2000, Arts & Photography, 2-08-013688-7

Wayne, Robert S.
Venice in Context: The Independent Traveler's Guide to Venice, Decatur, GA, Independent Intern, April 1, 2003, Travel: Guidebooks, 0-9720228-7-2

Weideger, Paula
Venetian Dreaming, New York, Atria, June 4, 2002, Essays & Travelogues, 0-671-04729-9

Wiel, Alethea
A History of Venice, From Its Founding to the Unification of Italy, New York, Barnes & Noble World Digital Library, 2002, 0-594-08940-9

Wilkinson, Lee
The Venetian's Proposal, Harlequin, March 1, 2004, Romance, 0-373-80617-5

Wills, Garry
Venice: Lion City, New York, Simon & Schuster, September 28, 2001, Art History, 0-684-87190-4

Wilson, Barbara
The Case of the Orphaned Bassoonists: A Cassandra Reilly Mystery, Seattle, Seal Press, November 1, 2000, Mystery & Thrillers, 1-58005-046-8

Winterson, Jeanette
The Passion, Grove Press, September 1, 1997, Literature & Fiction: Historical, 0-8021-3522-6

Wurman, Richard Saul
Access Florence & Venice, 6th Ed., Harper, July 1, 2003, Travel: Guidebooks, 0-06-052067-1

Zwingle, Erla
National Geographic Traveler: Venice, National Geographic, November 15, 2001, Travel: General, 0-7922-7917-4

Sharon Zukowski spends as much time as possible in Italy. She's usually found in Venice, but occasionally steps out to places like Rome. When Sharon's home in the US., she's a writer, specializing in the financial services industry. Oh yeah, she writes books, too. Sharon has had five mystery novels published and, even though it's been a few years since her last book, she's hard at work on a book set in, guess where, VENICE! You can find more of Sharon's work at www.sharonzukowski.com and weirdvenice.blogspot.com. Finally, Sharon LOVES Slow Travel and everyone who so willingly shares information.

© Sharon Zukowski, 2005

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